Friday, June 27

Tisket, Tasket

Wow, three weeks just flew by! I've been in a quilting mood lately....I knew it would kick back in one of these days. I think I'm more of a 'winter knitter' type person, because when warm weather gets here, I lose all interest in knitterly things. But I'm sure as soon as fall peeks out, I'll be picking up the needles again. Or maybe even a pair of socks before then.

But right now is all about the quilting. I've started a new bed quilt using a basket block. It's going pretty quick since they're 12 inch blocks. The handle is appliqued, and I'm just eyeballing it, so they don't all look exactly perfectly alike, but that's just more charming to me. Especially since I know a big ol' furryhead will be laying all over it most of the time!

I'm also working on a new patchwork bag, but don't have any pics of it yet. And while I'm still waiting on the morning glories to start blooming, I'm enjoying the blue hydrangeas.

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Kim said...

You certainly were in the quilting mood! Your flowers are gorgeous. The Ball jar is cuuute!