Sunday, May 11

May Days

May has been a whirlwind month around here! First there were these....

Then there was this...

You'd think we found a money tree in the back yard! Alas, no. We'd been planning on buying the kayaks for over a year and spent last summer paddling in an inflatable kayak we'd had for several years. It got us out on the water and we got around fine in it, but it can't compare to these babies!

The car was definitely not "in the immediate plan," but my car (which I'd had for 12 years, and loved that entire time) decided it was worn out (read- needed new power train and a/c repairs that were more than the value of the car). So, even though the plan had been to hang on to my old car about 3 more years, it didn't work out that way.

Of course, after the sticker shock of a car payment once again, we're in love with it! And it gets better gas mileage that my old one. And it's loaded with stuff I've never had in a car:
CD player
MP3 capability
power windows, locks, mirrors
all kinds of dashboard readouts, like gas mileage, outside temp, etc.
and...get this...remote start

For someone who's pretty plain in her living...I feel very decadent in this car! I didn't even know about the remote start until after we bought it, and I thought "I'll never use that." But now I'm thinking on a hot Arkansas day, start that puppy up and let it be cooling down before I ever get in it...yessir!

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