Tuesday, January 22

Two FO's -Fingerless Mitts

I love how exciting my blog titles have become...so descriptive, so mesmerizing. Yeah, need to work on that.

But, I do actually have two, count 'em, two finished objects. It's the same object, repeated. Two pairs of fingerless mitts! Really, I kinda like to think that's four finished objects, but whatever.

One pair for me (very soft in Knit Picks Shine Sport) and one pair for Jimmy (still soft-ish in acrylic Vanna's Choice). Actually, the end result of these mitts is that I just want to make me more mitts (in wool, so they hold their shape)!

So, don't be surprised to see more mitts in the future. They're addicting.

And, I've cast on for a pair of socks! It's all knitting all the time around here.

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