Tuesday, January 8

It's a Sock

Well, lo and behold...it is a sock. A sock, sadly not to be a pair of socks. I haven't enough yarn left for a mate. But, nonetheless...I made a sock! Me!

I have ordered sock yarn (enough for pairs of socks this time) and plan to make socks henceforth. What a wonderful thing is a knitted sock. I want to carry mine about upon my breast for everyone to see. I don't...but I want to.

I have also cast on for a pair of fingerless mitts. Two pairs, actually. The first 'casting on' was with a worsted yarn which yielded a mitt too big for me. So, it became fingerless mitts for Jimmy. The second 'casting on' is a surprisingly soft and velvety KnitPicks Shine Sport. I am enjoying the feel of it.

Yah! for yarn. I love it.

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