Friday, November 2

This little guy is the handle to a creamer and there's a sugar bowl to match. I think he is so cute! He's perched in the kitchen and he makes me smile whenever I pass by. I found him at a flea market in Branson, Missouri. I love putting stuff like this out for fall, it just makes the house seem that much cozier.

I think it is so funny how everything that was popular when I was a kid is popular again. It kinda makes me wonder if I'm gonna break out the macrame one of these days. Yes, I admit it, macrame was probably one of the first "crafty" things I tried when I was about 8 or 9. I can remember like it was yesterday, sitting in front of the front closet door, working on a macrame plant hanger for my mom. (You know, you hung the top over the door and worked your way down). We even had a macrame hanging table. Yep.

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