Friday, October 5

Granny grows

Um, no one told me granny squares were this much fun! I love 'em!

I make myself weave in the ends of each square after it's completed to avoid the dreaded "I have 40 million ends to weave in!" syndrome.

I'm having so much fun with these, I've even put a little counter over in my sidebar to keep a tally for me. I'm not sure how many I'm going to make just yet, but it'll be at least 64 squares.


Karin said...

What beautiful squares! Love the colors!

I saw a link to your camera bag post at Rocks in my Dryer, then saw stuff about crocheting, which piqued my interest since I've recently started crocheting again too. (Making a goose costume for my 3rd daughter's first Halloween, trying my hand at making a baby sweater without a pattern by copying ones my mom has made, and just saw these "mary janes"
which I'm SO going to make...)

Anyway, congrats on staying on top of things by weaving in the ends. But I thought I'd mention something my mom always did. She purposely left tails that were long enough to slipstitch about one edge-length. So when it came time to attach the squares to one another, she just used the tails from each square. Just an idea...

karin at charterinternet dot com

lamplight designs said...

Tha nks for the tip, Karin. I'll have to give that a try with the long tails!