Friday, September 28

Fall Bag Finished!

Whew! Finally got 'er done! I feel like I really drug my feet on finishing this (maybe because I did), but....she's done in time to take on our trip. Yah!
And, I'm really happy with how it came out. I made a couple of changes from the summer version. I made the sides an inch wider (5 inches instead of 4) and I added a zippered pocket divider in the center. Which I'm loving, not to mention, proud that I was able to make it look right! The pic above is the front of the bag,

this is the back

here's a shot of the inside, you can kinda see the pockets on the left, the zip divider in the center, then a zippered pocket on the other side,

another shot of the front before I sewed the button on,

and here's a clearer shot of the zip divider in the center.
I'm glad that's done! I'm still planning a pattern for this bag, but that'll have to wait a couple of months.
And it's a perfect day to carry this bag because it's a cool, clear morning and the sun has that fall shine to it.


Daughter of the King said...

love this...the colors the styles..everything..
first time at your blog, I think.

Karen June said...

LOVE the crisp fall colors. :) My absolute favorite season!