Friday, May 11


I've discovered a few new blogs (which I need to add to my blogroll one of these days!) which are delightful. A couple of them are people I'd heard of before, but didn't know they now had blogs. And a couple are new discoveries.

That's the greatest thing about this blog-world. You can always find something new and fresh to get your own creativity flowing, and to suit whatever mood you're's a good thing.

The charm packs above are my newest fabric purchases. I'm thinking of purses and totes right now, and I'm feeling patchwork-y and summer-y. So I thought the 5" squares would be a good fit. Hopefully I'll get to working on them before fall!

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joanna said...

So glad you found me... in turn I found you. Darling bag you made! My friend Sandy sure makes some cute fabrics, doesn't she!
Enjoy your tote