Friday, February 2

Snow in Arkansas

Yes, it snowed here last night! Which is really funny because I had just been looking at Tracy's pictures of her snow (much deeper) and commented about how beautiful it was, and how unlikely it was here in Arkansas. And then...whammo...snow!

I used to live in Utah and that is the one thing I miss...good snow. We get maybe one snow every two or three years here, and that's just not enough. It makes everything look so beautiful and pristine. And of course, around here, usually everything shuts down or at least is delayed, so it's also very quiet.

Of course, when you live in Arkansas, you have daffodils that begin blooming in February. And this is what happens when it snows on them. Fortunately, we only have a few in bloom right now (bless their hearts, all droopy). Later on, we'll have hundreds in our yard.

And around here you better enjoy it while you can, because it'll probably be gone by lunch! So yah for snow days...we need more of 'em.


Karen June said...

I love looking at the vintage patterns too. I’ve been thinking of using some of the drawings and patterns for some collages…but I’m not sure I have the heart to cut any of them up.

I think you’ve gotten more snow than we have in Boston this year! Weird weather.

Randi said...

Enjoy your little bit o' snow!

Cynthia in NW Arkansas said...

I live in NW Arkansas, actually the RiverValley, and we also received snow. I've posted photos on my blog too...check it out.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the snow photos; glad to see "George's daffodils" coming up in your yard. Even though he is gone, the daffys will live on forever.
M. Guillory

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, isn't that a coincidence? Your yard looks wonderful covered in snow, especially the chair. Thank you for the mention. And enjoy your brief snow.