Friday, February 16

Seed time

It's actually flurrying here today...if I look out the window I see a tiny flake float by every once in a while. And it's cold, cold, cold. But, every gardner knows what February is for...starting seeds! (well, maybe it's later if you live up north-ways, but in these parts, we'll be putting plants out in about six weeks.)

I've grown vegetables from seed, but I haven't really done it with flowers, other than sewing zinnias and cosmos directly in the garden. So, we're excited to see how we can do with some flowers.

Jimmy is working on the expanded vegetable garden area already...lots of digging right now. Lots of hauling dirt and soil amendments soon. Spring shall be here before we know it!


Tracy said...

Oh, you will just love those cosmos and morning glories! I've grown both the past few years. They grow so quickly, too.

What I love about starting from seed (aside from the fact that it is sooo cheap!) is that you can grow almost anything you want. Our nurseries seem to carry the same old things year after year.

Have fun with those seeds. I'll be starting some winter sowing by the end of this month. That will tide me over till May when our gardening season begins.

Deb said...

Our cosmos and morning glories were grown from seed in our garden years ago and come back on their own each year. They make for a beautiful english country garden.

lamplight designs said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm excited to see how we do...we already have some seedlings popping up!