Wednesday, October 11

Projects - one finished and one almost

The crocheting is going well. I'm just about to finish this scarf, which is my first wearable project. I've promised Jimmy one too, so I'll be starting another one as soon as this one is finished. The picture unfortunately doesn't do justice to the yarn. It's a milk chocolate color with chocolate sparkly stuff throughout. I actually got the yarn at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.22 per ball. It's called "Airy" in "brown" which I think is a totally boring way to name your yarn colors. I mean come on, what about "cocoa" or "molasses?" But I've got (well, almost got) a beautiful scarf for less than $5.00! Who doesn't love that? And am I thinking about heading back over there for more colors for Christmas presents? Oh yes I am.

The finished project is actually a few weeks old, but hey, I didn't have a blog a few weeks ago! For someone who loves to cook and bake as much as I do, I have a pitiful lack of potholders. So I decided it was time to make myself some. These were a totally fun, brainless and quick project with loads of instant gratification. Well, I did take a couple of evenings to do the hand quilting (which I am woefully out of practice with) and bind 'em up and they're done! And we use them almost everyday. I have plans to make a few more pairs so I'll have plenty on hand for holiday baking.

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